Why the Directory?

It is still the case that the experiences, insights and views of women and minority groups are not sufficiently included or well represented at business conferences, in Government policy formulation and in key decisions that effect the wider community. 

The Diversity Directory is intended to positively support conference organisers and decision-makers in business, the public sector and Government in ‘diversifying the faces around the table’.

We aim to create a platform that will...​

  • showcase the wealth of talent across all of our offshore demographics


  • help to connect diverse talent with opportunities to engage in conference panels and delegations, speaking opportunities, and in Government policy debates, scrutiny and formulation


  • remain free to use – both to individuals keen to share their expertise and individuals or organisations seeking to tap into and benefit from the insights, knowledge and experiences of a diverse network

The Directory was established in 2020 to address the gender imbalance that we often see on conference panels and in industry and policy working groups and delegations in the Channel Islands.  

After seeing an improvement in the diversity of conference panels and speakers in the Channel Islands, in April 2022 we opened the Directory to anyone in the Channel Islands, and also the Isle of Man, who is keen to increase their opportunities in public speaking and/or participation in industry/policy working groups and delegations – providing they share the Directory’s values of diversity, equity and inclusion.  We feel that this is the best way to create a truly inclusive Directory of off-shore talent.

To ensure that the Directory achieves its primary aim to ‘diversify the faces around the table’, we continue to especially welcome the profiles of women and other under-represented groups.  


Diversifying the faces around the table:

Good policy emerges when it is made by all members of the society that the policies serve

Diverse content and perspectives at conferences, events and in panel discussions makes more people feel welcome and leads to better outcomes, such as sound understanding of the issues in hand, more innovative solutions, effective networking and potentially better decision making back in the workplace.


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