Inna Gardiner is an elected politician and a Deputy for St Helier in Jersey.
She is Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Member of The Diversity Forum and the Social Inclusion project for minorities in Jersey.

Before becoming a States member, in her 20 years of professional career, Inna has been a self-employed management consultant, working with international businesses and educational institutions to improve their organisational effectiveness, team dynamics, diversity and collaboration.
Inna is the director as owner of a small Jersey tourism/travel business.

She has a BA in Social work from Jerusalem and Master of Science specialised in cross cultural and organisational communications from USA.
During her life Inna has worked and lived in 4 different countries in 3 languages: English, Russian and Hebrew.

Her goal is to achieve equal representation for all communities. Inna believes the community already has the resources to make Jersey thrive if we work together.


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