Professor Claire de Than

Professor Claire de Than is an award-winning senior legal academic of more than 25 years’ standing, and a Jersey Law Commissioner, currently working on a Criminal Code and other projects. Her research has been recognised as world-leading; she has over 85 legal publications in total, including 15 books, chapters in leading legal monographs and edited collections, such as Reed and Bohlander, Substantive Issues in Criminal Law and articles in a variety of leading national and international journals, including the Modern Law Review and The Criminal Law Review. Her research and teaching fields include criminal law, comparative law of tiny jurisdictions, human rights law, media law, property law, trusts, professional skills and disability rights law. She has been an expert for the Law Commission of England and Wales on two recent projects, and gave expert evidence to the Justice Committee in 2020. She has advised governments large and small and many organisations.


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